Jurassic Park Character Slots

RexThere are hundreds of slot games that are found in casinos utilizing Microgaming’s instant play and downloadable gaming platform. So if you do decide to give the Jurassic Park online slot game a try then you will of course additionally be able to play a range of other slots, all of which come with a unique type of theme.

To ensure we present to you a range of slot games which you will find just as interesting, entertaining and hopefully as high paying as the Jurassic Park slot, below we have compiled a list of the main characters from both the Jurassic Park Film and Novel, and alongside each of them we have listed a slot game which we think those characters would enjoy playing.

We have listed a slot which will appeal to these characters based on a number of different factors, and all slots listed are of course available in all Microgaming software powered casino sites, so have a good look through this collection of slots that characters from Jurassic Park would enjoy playing, for we can guarantee there will be several of them you will want to play.

Dr. Ian Malcolm – With his well thought out predictions, and love of chaos, one slot game we think would be an ideal one for Dr. Ian Malcolm to get stuck into playing is Microgaming’s Dino Mite slot! This slot offers two pick to win types of bonus games and is of course themed around the pre-historic era and should force him to make plenty of predictions during those bonus feature rounds.

Dr. Alan Grant – With his innocent love of children the one slot game Dr. Alan Grant will enjoy playing is Microgaming’s Chocolate Factory slot. This particular slot game has two young children on the reels as symbols and he will be able to shower them with sweets and chocolate treats as the game is playing out.

John Hammond – With his mind set on making as much money as he can, whilst also enjoying the finer things of life we have chosen two slot games that John Hammond is going to enjoy playing. The first is the Finer Reels of Life slot and the second is the Wealth Spa slot game. Both slots have lots of bonus games and bonuses features yet both slots are themed around the lifestyle that the rich and famous can only usually enjoy.

Lex Murphy – Being too young to gamble then we think we should not mention any slot games that Lex Murphy would enjoy playing! However if you forced us to pick a slot then it would be the comical looking and great playing Mad Dash slot which she will probably get hours of fun out of playing.

Dr. Gerry Harding – Being a vet then there are no shortages of Microgaming software powered slot games that we think this leading Jurassic Park character would enjoy playing. One slot is the K9 Capers slot game which features a cast of dogs and boasts a unique “hide and seek” type of bonus picking game which can award some very large winning payouts.

Another slot this character would get hours of fun out of playing is the 3 reel Zany Zebra slot, whilst there are no bonus games to be triggered when playing this standard classic slot, thanks to it coming with a very high payout percentage those winning combinations do keep on forming time and time again!

Robert Muldoon – Having previously been a Wildlife Hunter then we have taken a good look through the types of slot games that Robert Muldoon would enjoy playing, if he chose to log into a Microgaming powered casino site.

The Soccer Safari slot would be a good choice of slot game to play for it boasts a set of Wild Animal reel symbols, which instead of stalking each other they end up playing a game of soccer to settle their differences.

If Robert wanted to play a more basic type of slot game then one great slot for him to get stuck into playing is the Big 5 slot game, this slot has just three reels and one payline but when played with three coins per spin on that one single payline, a row of three Lion symbols will award a hugely enhanced jackpot payout.

Dennis Nedry – There really is only one slot game we would suggest that Dennis Nedry plays online, and that is the Dr. Watts up Slot. This game we think would give this rather unusual character plenty of enjoyment, and being the nerdy type of person he is we are more than confident he will enjoy the way the slot has been structured, and he would get hours of entertainment trying to work out the payout percentage and the best way to get the maximum winning payouts via this games bonus feature rounds.

Another slot that will give Dennis something to think about is the Double Magic Mega Spin slot. This games lets players play several Double Magic slots all in one window, and as such it is a slot for a mathematically minded person to play.

Dr. Henry Wu – Being a genius and able to get his head around anything technically challenging then when it comes to playing slot games we think that Dr. Henry Wu is going to be more interested in playing the many different All Ways structured slots that are found in large numbers at all casinos using Microgaming’s gaming platform.

There are lots of 243 ways to win slots and also several 1024 and 3125 ways to win slots, and we just know he is going to love working out the individual paylines and then working out just how much he stands to win if he spins in multiple different winning combinations. Make sure you checkout Microgaming’s All Ways slot games too, for you are not going to find a range of online slots that give you as many ways to win as these slot games can and do.